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US Highway 68 (US 68) and Kentucky Route 80 (KY 80) is the only east-west roadway through the Land Between the Lakes (LBL) National Recreation Area. The communities of Murray and Mayfield to the west are connected by this route to the communities of Cadiz and Hopkinsville to the east and to Nashville via Interstate Route 24.

Previous studies and maintenance inspection reports label both the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge over Kentucky Lake (Tennessee River) and the Lawrence Memorial Bridge over Lake Barkley (Cumberland River) as “functionally obsolete.” Both bridges were constructed in 1932 and raised with the impoundment of their respective lakes. They have continuing maintenance issues, are very narrow and are in need of replacement.

KY 80 west of the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge to Mayfield is four lanes. US 68/KY 80 in the Land Between the Lakes and from the Cadiz Bypass to Bowling Green is four lanes. The remaining unfinished four lane sections include both the Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley crossings and from Canton to Cadiz. Once these are complete, there will be a four lane roadway from Mayfield to Bowling Green.

The rich cultural history and community fabric of the pre-lake Land between the Rivers area presents unique challenges in the planning and design of the new bridges. The Project Team is sensitive to the fact that this area was home to many generations of stakeholders. As a result, the Project Team will continue its' public outreach program throughout the design process to ensure that the concerns, thoughts and opinions of those closest to this area, and all concerned citizens are considered.

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