Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I get a copy of the document that evaluated environmental impact, the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)?

A copy of the FONSI is available on this website.

Click here for FONSI

When was the FONSI completed? What were the basic findings?

The final FONSI was completed in September 2006, and approved on October 24, 2006.

Section 1.4 "Summary of Purpose and Need" reads:"

In summary, the proposed project is needed to correct numerous geometric deficiencies of the existing roadway and the two major bridges (Eggner's Ferry and Lawrence Memorial Bridges over the Tennessee and the Cumberland Rivers, respectively). The project is also needed to support the Southwestern Kentucky Region's economic development efforts, which are tied to having a safe and convenient roadway that connects to the regional transportation network.

What relationship do the bridges have with the 4-lane work completed within the Land Between the Lakes?

The design for the bridges will be compatible with and connect with the recently completed Land Between the Lakes 4-lane work. The project will provide a continuous four lane route across both lakes, and the Land Between the Lakes from Aurora to Cadiz and ultimately completing the four lane roadway from Mayfield to Bowling Green.

Who is paying for the bridges?

The bridges will be paid for with a combination of state and federal funding using Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle (GARVEE) Bonds.

Will the bridges be the same?

Yes, the bridge types for the main span crossing the navigational channel will be the same for both lakes, a basket handle tied arch bridge with similar steel girder approach spans. During the first public information meeting, participants were asked if the bridges should be similar. Seventy-Two percent (72%) of the participants preferred that the bridges be similar.

What impact will the construction of the new bridges have on traffic flow?

The existing bridges will remain operational during construction of the new bridges. Local residents should expect periodic short-term delays during certain phases of construction. However, the construction of the bridges will not result in long-term delays or closures.

Will the existing causeways remain?

The existing causeways will remain on Kentucky Lake, but will be widened to accommodate the requirements of the new bridge design, 4-lane roadway and adjacent multi-use path. The new causeways on KY Lake are approximately the same length as the current causeways. For Lake Barkley, the west causeway will remain and widened to accommodate the new roadway. The east causeway will be reduced to provide a convenient lake access area. Due to the height of the roadway on the east side of the lake, the approach bridge will extend to the east shore line at Canton so no new causeway will be constructed there.

What fishing facilities will be incorporated?

The US Fish and Wildlife Service was involved in the planning and design process to ensure that the concerns of the fishing community were addressed. Paths will be constructed along and/or around the causeways to allow the public easier access to the lake.

Will parking facilities be incorporated into the project, and if so, where will the parking be located and how many spaces will be provided?

Parking will be included in the project. Parking is planned on the west side of Kentucky Lake and on the east side of Lake Barkley. The parking on the west side of Kentucky Lake will be provided at two locations. One at the northeast corner of the US 68/KY 80 intersection and the other on the south side of the road east of this intersection and closer to the causeway. Parking for Lake Barkley will be on the south side of the road and just west of Arrowhead Trail. This will provide easy lake access.

Will the multi-use path be lighted?

Low level lighting will be utilized for the multi-use path across both of the lake bridges.

Will the roadway be lighted?

Roadway lighting will not be provided for either bridge crossing.

Will the basket-handle arch bridges have aesthetic lighting?

The basket-handle arch bridges will have low-level aesthetic lighting.

Will there be pedestrian access on both sides of the bridges?

A multi-use path will be provided on the south side of the bridges only and will be 10 feet in width.

What color will the new bridges be?

The color of the new bridges will be off white. This decision was made based upon input received from the Citizen?s Advisory Committee.

Will the pedestrian railings on the new bridges be the same as the Land Between the Lakes railing in both shape and size?

The new bridges? railing will be similar in shape to the Land Between the Lakes railing. The height of the railing on the bridges is designed by following the state and federal guidelines for bicycle safety. The bridge railing will be galvanized for durability. Decorative images representing the history and attraction of the area will be included on some of the pedestrian railing panels on the bridges. Click Here to view images.

How far will the new bridges be from the existing bridges?

The new bridge for Kentucky Lake will be about 50 feet north of the existing bridge and is generally parallel to it. The new bridge for Lake Barkley will also be on the north side, and it is slightly skewed to the existing bridge. Therefore, the west and east ends of the new bridge will be about 50 feet and 150 feet away from the existing bridge, respectively.

Will the existing bridges be demolished and if so, when will this occur?

The existing bridge at each crossing will be removed after the new bridge at that crossing is open to traffic.

Will any boating activities be disrupted?

Similar to the impact on automobile traffic, day-to-day boating activities are not expected to be disrupted. However, due to the nature of the bridge construction process, navigation in and around the bridges may be temporarily impacted during phases of the construction process. Also for safety reasons there will be restricted zones around the construction area but passage thru the main navigation channel will be permitted.

When does construction work start and end?

Both new bridge crossings are under construction. A new bridge over an existing lagoon on the west side of the lake and causeway widenings are completed. The rest of the KY Lake crossing is scheduled to be completed in 2016. The Lake Barkley crossing is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

What will be done to ensure the bridges are safe from earthquakes?

The new bridges have been designed to current safety standards including site specific seismic (earthquake) design load criteria.

Will 18-wheelers be allowed to use the bridges during construction?

The existing bridges will remain operational during construction of the new bridges. The construction of the bridges will not result in long-term delays or closures.

How was the bridge type for the new bridges over Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake selected?

The Bridge Type Selection Process was a three round process that included extensive public outreach in addition to Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings. At the end of the process, ?final? bridge alternatives were selected based on information pertaining to historic and regional context, public input and cost and engineering feasibility, among other things. Based upon the aforementioned, KYTC selected the Basket-Handle Tied Arch Bridge for both lakes.