Lake Bridges Project Site - Citizen's Advisory Committee

A committee was established during the preliminary design phase of the project. Their responsibility was to provide input to the transportation cabinet and the design team regarding issues important to and impacting the citizens, businesses and land-use agencies in the area. Committee representatives were the following:

  1. County Judge Ex., Calloway County
  2. County Judge Ex., Marshall County
  3. County Judge Ex., Trigg County
  4. Marshall County Tourism - Representative
  5. Cadiz/Trigg County EDC - Representative
  6. Murray-Calloway Co. Chamber - Representative
  7. Marshall County Chamber of Commerce - Representative
  8. Chairman Trigg/Cadiz Planning Commission
  9. Marshall County EDC - Representative
  10. Kentucky?s Western Waterland - Representative
  11. Friends of L.B.L., Exec. Dir.
  12. Friends of L.B.L., Dir. Of Operations
  13. American National Rubber - Representative
  14. Paschall Truck Lines - Representative
  15. US Forest Service - Representative
  16. Dist. Judge, 56th District