Demolition of the Old Eggner's Ferry Bridge over KY Lake

At 6:52 AM on the morning of July 25, 2016, the button was pushed to ignite strategically placed explosives on the old, existing Eggner’s Ferry Bridge over KY Lake. This demolition involving four of the steel truss spans was a major milestone in the project replacing this 1932 bridge.

This early morning event attracted thousands of viewers who gathered at the amphitheater in KenLake State Park. Also media personnel from four states were present to report this major event. From this location they were able to safely watch the dramatic explosions resulting in the collapse of the four truss spans. The concrete deck on this bridge had previously been removed and the remaining steel fell safely in the lake waters below. Crews immediately moved into place to lift the collapsed steel sections out of the lake. Of initial importance was the clearing of the navigational channel to provide for the passage of vessels under the new arch bridge.

Vehicular traffic across the adjacent new bridge was halted prior to the collapse and reopened soon afterwards following inspection to ensure safe passage.

The concrete piers that supported the collapsed spans will be removed soon to provide the full navigation channel width required for commercial vessels. The remaining bridge sections will also be removed but more conventional means will be used.

Photos and videos captured the demolition.

Videos of the demolition:

Old Eggner's Ferry Bridge Demolition (normal speed) Old Eggner's Ferry Bridge Demolition (slow motion)


Photos of the demolition: